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Tally.ERP 9, Industrial Tally Course
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(The Qualification for Success in Accounts)
At JLJ we believe in making the student the best in field of working. Thorough knowledge of the working environment in Computers, Word Processing & Electronic Spreadsheet Packages, Databases, Data Processing & some level of programming skills make the candidate better & proficient in maintaining accounts & generating accurate, timely & useful reports.

Depending on the availability of time, financial resources & background of the candidate one of the following options can be chosen.
"Tally Graduate" Program
Over 5,00,000 Companies worldwide use Tally Accounting & Inventory Software, and need skilled persons to use it. Accounts of an estimated half-million companies are being maintained on Tally, and increasing by thousands each month.

A Tally Graduate certification enables you to become a seasoned accounting professional in the shortest possible time. And, since Tally is currently used across diverse segments like MNCs, government & local businesses, job opportunities with the best companies in the country are immensely enhanced.

Saves time.
Various accounting books are created within seconds i.e. cash book, ledger book, purchase book,
sales purchase.
Financial statements within minutes i.e. Trading A/C, Profit and loss A/C, Balancesheet.

Tally is used by all type of business houses like Proprietor firm, Partnership firm, Non-profit making Organizations, Mnc companies.

  1. Tally 9.0
  2. Tally 9.0 Beta
  3. Tally.ERP 9
  4. Industrial Accounting With Tally.ERP 9
Tally Course 1 : Tally 9.0
Duration : 4 Months
Fees : Rs. 500/month

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Tally Course 2 : Tally 9.0 Beta
Duration : 5 Months
Fees : Rs. 800/month

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Tally Course 3 : Tally.ERP 9
Duration : 6 Months
Fees : Rs. 1000/month

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Tally Course 4 : Industrial Accounting With Tally.ERP 9
Duration : 9 Months
Fees : Rs. 1200/month

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