English Speaking Course

Basic - English Speaking Classes

Take a step to stay ahead by learning basic English Speaking skills
Sheel Institute Basic English Speaking programme is ideal for individual who needs to enhance their Basic English speaking level skills to boost confidence and get ready to face the world.

To be precise, the entire course is designed to help the trainee achieve ability to communicate effectively in real life situations.Our typical course content offers balanced approach to learning the English language while focusing on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

The training material for “Basic online English learning” aptly covers essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation of words, use of idioms and colloquial English language.

Intermediate Advance English Speaking Courses

Looking for ways to hone your English Communication skills? Planning to take that next big leap to a promising career?

Searching for an authentic resource to help you attain those unbelievable heights you ever dreamt of?

Ideal for people who hold office jobs, Advance Spoken English language course is designed and curated to give the users a competitive edge over their peers in the workplace. It equips the user with the much-needed communication skills, which is an essential tool for his/her own personal as well as professional growth. Developing your communication skills is the most important thing one should do to develop one’s career and further his life ambitions.

Advance English Speaking Classes / Entrepreneurs + Public Speaking Skills

Learn English to emerge winner in a Business context
In today’s thriving business environment, your ability to communicate in English can make or mar your growth. With a world turning into a global village, if you can’t speak good and effective English, there are risks of missing a bulk of opportunities.

If you are in a job or an independent entrepreneur, English language is a core business skill and you cannot leave it to chance.

The time has come to handle your international clientele with ease and crack deals using effective English. Our trainers help you build a greater clientele by marketing your services or products on social media using crisp and catchy taglines.

Our English language experts offer online classes and help you improve your vocabulary, build an understanding of the language and make smooth and effortless interaction with partners and stakeholders.